Elevate Decisions in Prostate Cancer Care Using Genomic Precision

The Oncotype DX® family of prostate cancer tests applies advanced genomics to help guide your most important choices for active surveillance, surgery, and treatment.

Every patient is different. That means every tumor is different. With the genomic-based insights of the Oncotype DX tests, you can make informed decisions with data catered to each patient’s unique scenario.

Oncotype DX Prostate Cancer Tests

Leverage tailored results reports to make confident decisions in prostate care.

Order a Test

Tests are available to order through the physician portal. You must first request a specimen kit to submit a sample by calling 866-ONCOTYPE (+1 866-662-6897), before completing a requisition form in the portal. Once ordered, we then work with the pathology team or treating physician to obtain the sample using the specimen kit.