Tailored reports that connect insights for the next step in care

Low-Risk Report

The low-risk report integrates clinical, pathological, and genomic insights into actionable information on active surveillance1

  • Predicts tumor aggressiveness to help inform the decision between active surveillance and immediate treatment
  • Focuses on an actionable endpoint AP, with the most comprehensive definition
  • The Oncotype DX Genomic Prostate Score®(GPS™) test is the only commercially available test to provide all these endpoints:
  • Risk of high-grade (>GG3) disease
  • Risk of >pT3a disease
  • Risk of metastasis within 10 years
  • Risk of PCa-specific death within 10 years

See how Daniel Shoskes, MD, Director of Urology Medical Affairs, uses the low-risk report to decide when to treat.

High-Risk Report

The high-risk report provides a defined cut point with actionable information on treatment intensity2

  • Helps determine the right level of treatment
  • Clearly stratifies patient risk into lower or higher likelihood of adverse outcomes
  • Simple bell curve helps you and your patient understand the spectrum of risk

Hear how Rick Baehner, MD, Chief Medical Officer of Exact Science’s Precision Oncology and Assistant Professor, Department of Pathology, UCSF, uses the high-risk report to decide when to treat.