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Reveal treatment options fit for your cancer

Your cancer has advanced. Now you have treatment choices to make. Which available therapies might be most effective against your unique tumor? Which treatments may not be recommended for you? Are there any current clinical trial options for you?
Ask your doctor how OncoExTra testing can help you find out.

What is comprehensive genomic profiling?
See how personalized information about your specific tumor can help guide your treatment plan.

Uncover the precise abnormalities in your tumor that may be most effective to treat

The test compares findings in your tumor tissue to your normal blood sample and identifies variations specific to your tumor.

Make timely shared treatment decisions

OncoExTra test results are delivered within 14 days of sample submission in a report that includes treatment options based on your unique tumor.

Get support accessing the information you need

We can help you navigate the insurance process, from obtaining prior authorization to providing flexible payment options as necessary.

Is the OncoExTra test right for you?
You may be a candidate if your cancer is:

checkmark  Advanced or metastatic

checkmark  Rare

checkmark  Unresponsive to treatment or recurrent    
checkmark  Aggressive

Talk to your doctor about the OncoExTra test

Like other lab tests, only a licensed healthcare professional (like your doctor) can order the OncoExTra test. However, the decision as to whether you should have the test is one that you and your doctor make together.

You may want to ask your doctor the following questions:

  • What stage is my cancer?
  • What are my treatment options?
  • Are there any clinical trials that might be right for me?
  • Am I a candidate for the OncoExTra test? If so, how would those test results impact my treatment plan?

Get help navigating the insurance and billing process

Covered by Medicare for patients who meet certain eligibility criteria. Need based financial assistance may be available.

Learn about costs, coverage, and how Exact Sciences can help

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