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Oncotype DX Colon Recurrence Score® test

Do I need chemo?

You’ve been diagnosed with stage II-IIIA/B colon cancer. Now, you have treatment choices to make. How aggressive does your treatment strategy need to be? Your doctor has ordered the Colon Recurrence Score® test to help you decide.

See how this genomic test has helped thousands of patients with stage II-III colon cancer choose the most appropriate treatment option for them.

Personalized insights for personalized treatment

Just as every patient is different, so is every tumor. The Colon Recurrence Score test uses genomics to give you and your doctor important risk information to predict how your individual tumor may behave. Valuable insights include:

  • How likely your colon cancer is to return
  • How likely your colon cancer is to spread
  • How much added benefit you will likely get from chemotherapy over surgery alone

Reasons to get tested:

The Colon Recurrence Score test is the only genomic test for colon cancer with level 1 evidence

Four studies have confirmed that the Colon Recurrence Score results accurately predict the risk of local recurrence

More than 1.5 million breast, prostate, and colon cancer patients have relied on an Oncotype DX® test for insights that help guide their treatment decisions

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The Colon Recurrence Score test goes beyond traditional measures and looks at your individual colon tumor’s biology

Without it, your doctors can only base their recommendations on a few tumor features including margin width, nodal assessment, tumor size, tumor grade, and bowel perforation

Is the Colon Recurrence Score test right for you?

You may be a candidate for the Colon Recurrence Score test if:

  • You have been diagnosed with colon cancer (stage II or IIIA/B)
  • You have had surgery to remove the tumor
  • You have not yet started chemotherapy or other treatment

$0 financial responsibility for Colon Recurrence Score test when Medicare fee-for-service (FFS) coverage criteria are met

Medicare Advantage, which is provided by commercial insurance companies, may have different financial responsibility compared to Medicare FFS.