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Advanced Solid Tumors

OncoExTra® test

Don't miss half the genomic story. Personalize your advanced cancer care with ultra-comprehensive genomic profiling.

Interrogating both DNA and RNA, the OncoExTra test provides ultra-comprehensive genomic profiling that thoroughly detects clinically actionable mutations and fusions.1

It delivers the all-encompassing genomic insights of whole-exome (DNA) and whole-transcriptome* (RNA) sequencing, highlighting key information that is critical to personalized cancer care.

The full genomic story requires more than DNA alone

The OncoExTra report:
putting a spotlight on what matters most

The easy-to-interpret report highlights the most actionable insights first for timely, shared decision-making:

  • Mutations and fusions associated with FDA-approved therapies deliver a comprehensive genomic picture
  • Immuno-oncology signatures (TMB/MSI) support personalized therapy selection
  • Clinical trial options to help inform next steps

The OncoExTra test is not an FDA-cleared or -approved IVD device or companion diagnostic for the referenced biomarkers and FDA-approved therapies
*Whole-transcriptome with select variants reported in New York State

Uncover more variants. Find more useful targets.

  • Ultra-comprehensive genomic profiling interrogates both tumor DNA and RNA1
  • Broad and deep sequencing coverage accurately detects mutations, rare fusions, and transcript variants1
  • Patient-matched tumor-normal sequencing uncovers benign mutations1
  • Optional immunohistochemical (IHC) panels and single stains provide an added level of detail

The OncoExTra test may be right for
your patient whose cancer is:

Advanced or metastatic
Unresponsive to treatment or recurrent

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the OncoExTra® test
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IHC testing not currently available in New York State
MSI, microsatellite instability; TMB, tumor mutational burden