Clinical utility

The OncoExTraTM test can help you expose the many variants of advanced-stage cancer by providing thorough insights.

Panel-based and hotspot testing may miss genomic variants—some of which may be actionable1,2

DNA RNA Paired Tumor-Normal Match
Hotspot DNA
Hotspot RNA
Comprehensive genomic profiling
(Fixed panel DNA sequencing)
(whole-exome DNA sequencing + whole-transcriptome RNA sequencing)
Allows for comprehensive analysis of all protein-coding genes in a sample


Allows the identification of transcript variants and fusions that may be undetectable through conventional CGP tests, which only employ DNA analysis3


Detect more variants:
The OncoExTra test delivers the complete genomic story

High accuracy with 98.8% sensitivity and >99.9% specificity3

Utilize patient-matched tumor-normal sequencing to further refine therapy selection

  • Limit false positives by identifying and ruling out benign variants in a patient’s tumor sample vs normal blood sample3
  • Reduce the overestimation of tumor mutational burden (TMB) calculations by excluding mutations also found in the normal sample3,4

Proven to reveal more clinically actionable information3

of OncoExTra reports (1267/1509) showed ≥1 clinically actionable variant in a clinical utilization study3*†

Actionable variants were found across many different types of solid tumors3

98% (164/167)
Colorectal Cancer3

96% (53/55)
Lung Cancer3

96% (25/26)
Bladder Cancer3

93% (80/86)
Breast Cancer3

Across 1261 OncoExTra tests, more fusions were detected within RNA than DNA alone3 *

*Retrospective analysis of 1509 clinical reports, of which 1261 included both DNA and RNA profiling. OncoExTra RNA findings detected variants in 5.9% [75/1261] of samples vs 3.5% [44/1261] in DNA analysis.3
†Clinically actionable variants are defined as variants that are associated with available therapies or clinical trial enrollment for a specific somatic variant identified in a patient’s tumor.3

Understand the impact the test has on patients

Analytic validation and clinical utilization of the comprehensive genomic profiling test, GEM ExTra®.

‡ OncoExtra was previously known as GEM ExTra.

The value of comprehensive genomic sequencing to maximize the identification of clinically actionable alterations in advanced cancer patients: a case series.

GEM ExTra, OncoExTra; TMB, tumor mutational burden.