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Ordering the test

Five simple steps to your patient’s complete genomic story

How to order the OncoExTra® test

1Request OncoExTra specimen kits

Request at least 2 kits using the OncoExTra kit request form or by calling Customer Service at 866.662.6897. Please note that each order requires 2 samples (solid tumor tissue and matched-normal blood), which typically ship from different locations. Kit requests are usually processed within 1 business day and shipped priority overnight.

2Place your order

Each OncoExTra test examines both tumor tissue and a matched-normal blood sample to identify benign mutations, so that treatment can target actionable variants.

Whether online or on paper, fill out each section of the order form completely.

  • Log in to the online provider portal or sign up for an account to complete your order online (this is the most efficient approach)
  • Download an order form, then fax to 602.682.5077

3Submit samples

Exact Sciences will work directly with the pathology team and the treating physician to obtain samples of both solid tumor tissue and matched-normal blood samples. The 14-day turnaround time begins once we receive both samples.1

  • Choose the block with both the greatest amount (cross-sectional area) of highest-grade invasive carcinoma and, when possible, the least amount of noninvasive epithelium (in situ carcinoma, hyperplastic epithelium, normal epithelium)
  • If core needle biopsy is the optimal sample, submit it instead
  • For matched normal blood samples submit 3 to 5 mL of peripheral blood in EDTA; samples must be ≤7 days old upon receipt
Download sample submission guidelines

4Ship samples

Ship samples in the supplied OncoExTra specimen kits, according to the following guidelines:

  • Most tumor samples should be shipped overnight with a frozen cold pack*
  • Fresh frozen tissue should be shipped overnight on dry ice
  • Matched normal blood samples must be ≤7 days old upon receipt, refrigerated until transport, then shipped overnight with a frozen cold pack*
  • Samples for IHC testing should be refrigerated until transport, then shipped overnight with a frozen cold pack*

Please ensure that all primary specimen containers are labeled with 2 unique patient identifiers and the collection date.
*Freeze the cold pack included in the specimen kit for a minimum of 4 hours before shipping.

5Access test results

Most OncoExTra reports are available within 14 days from the date we receive both the tumor sample and the matched normal blood sample in our laboratory.1 You can access the results through the online provider portal or receive the report by fax.

Exact Sciences’ online provider portal makes ordering a test, tracking test progress, and accessing results convenient and efficient.

  • Orders can be submitted online—virtually eliminating the need for follow-up calls to complete any missing information
  • All patient orders and results reports can be viewed, tracked, and sorted quickly
  • Orders and results reports may be viewed online, printed, or downloaded as PDFs
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Getting started is easy with the Office Starter Kit

Everything you need to start using the OncoExTra test in your practice

Specimen requirements and shipping guidelines

On request, Exact Sciences will supply OncoExTra specimen kits for shipping, including cold packs. Specific parameters vary by specimen type.

Solid Tumor:

  • At least 25 mm2 solid tumor, or
  • 3 to 5 core needle biopsies in 1 or more FFPE blocks, or
  • Unstained slides: 10 from a single tumor, ≥50 µm total + H&E slide, or
  • Fresh frozen tissue


  • Blood: 5 mL in EDTA, ≤7 days old

DNA Input Required: ≥150 ng

RNA Input Required: ≥150 ng