Clinical Evidence

No other genomic test is as validated to predict likelihood of chemotherapy benefit across multiple patient types, regardless of nodal status.1-5

A solid body of evidence validates prediction of chemotherapy benefit

It is the only genomic test to fulfill the criteria for level 1 evidence for prognosis and prediction of chemotherapy benefit in patients with early-stage, hormone receptor—positive invasive breast cancer.4,6-8

Clinical validation studies

In total, 4 validation studies—involving nearly 3000 patients—have been performed. The studies show that the Oncotype DX Breast Recurrence Score® test is:4,6-8

Strongly associated with the rate of distant recurrence

A low score indicating a significantly lower rate of distant recurrence and a lower likelihood of chemotherapy benefit6,7

Predictive for likelihood of benefit from chemotherapy

A high score indicating a higher rate of distant recurrence and predicting a significant benefit from chemotherapy4,8

Node-Negative Node-positive
TAILORx Trial1-4 RxPONDER Trial5,9-11
10,273 patients

Recurrence Score result <25

Identified 70% of women with no chemotherapy benefit who would have been overtreated

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5083 patients

Recurrence Score result <25

Postmenopausal women (1-3 +nodes) can forgo chemotherapy

Premenopausal women (1-3 +nodes) modestly benefit from chemotherapy

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TAILORx + RxPONDER results elevate the Oncotype DX Breast Recurrence Score test to the next level of precision with the highest quality of evidence.
Clear, meaningful results for more impactful conversations with patients about the magnitude of chemotherapy benefit.


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With prospective outcomes in over 100,000 patients – including over 12,000 node-positive patients2,5,9,11-14


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To be predictive of chemotherapy benefit in both node-positive and node negative patients4,8


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In multiple studies with consistent results (Level 1 evidence for risk of distant recurrence and prediction of chemotherapy benefit)4,8

Proven to help patients with a low Recurrence Score result avoid chemotherapy

Several separate studies, with a total of more than 63,000 patients, found that patients with a low Recurrence Score result may be effectively treated with hormonal therapy alone and safely spared chemotherapy.1,13,15-20

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