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In their own words

Meet patients with stages I-IIIA invasive breast cancer who put chemo to the test

“Do I need chemotherapy?”

Deepa H., surgeon and mother. Diagnosed with node negative, invasive breast cancer.

Recurrence Score® result: 18
  • Nina's Story

“I put chemo to the test”

Nina S, retired fourth-grade math and science teacher. Diagnosed with node-positive, invasive breast cancer.

Recurrence Score result: 21

Nina is a retired fourth-grade math and science teacher and avid sports cards collector who enjoys sketching, journaling, and spending time at the farmhouse with her family and friends. As a former teacher, Nina is devoted to education and helping others reach their potential. During her career teaching, Nina worked to continuously improve the lives of her students by encouraging them to be “young mathematicians.” Nina’s approach to teaching was innovative, collaborative, and compassionate.

It was a shock to her when she was diagnosed with breast cancer in July 2021, at the age of 64. Prior to her diagnosis, Nina did not have any physical symptoms or signs of breast cancer, and there was no history of breast cancer in her family. It was when her new PCP recommended that she schedule a mammogram that her diagnosis journey began. The initial mammogram came back questionable, which is when her healthcare providers conducted another mammogram, a sonogram, and a biopsy, leading to her eventual diagnosis of early-stage, invasive breast cancer.

Following a lumpectomy during which 3 of her lymph nodes were removed (including one that was found to contain cancer cells), her doctor recommended using the Oncotype DX Breast Recurrence Score® test to help determine whether she would benefit from chemotherapy. Nina’s Recurrence Score result was 21, indicating that she would not benefit from chemotherapy and could proceed with hormone-blocking therapy and radiation. Nina was overcome with emotion.

Nina feels fortunate that her cancer was caught early and that she was able to benefit from a genomic test that put her on a much simpler medical path. Based on her personal experience and background as an educator, she is now compelled to share her story to help others facing a cancer diagnosis. She encourages those who have recently been diagnosed with cancer to learn as much as possible from their healthcare providers, in order to make informed decisions about their treatment.

See how a patient with invasive breast cancer used her Breast Recurrence Score® results to inform her treatment plan

“There are so few resources that can give you that degree of guidance, direction and information to make your treatment decisions. I felt like science was really taking care of me.”

Laurie L., breast cancer survivor and Oncotype DX® Ambassador

Recurrence Score result: 17

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of Breast Recurrence Score test patients have $0 financial responsibility*

This calculation includes patients with Medicare, Medicare Advantage, Medicaid, Managed Medicaid, and commercial insurance. Patient cost-sharing amounts, including deductibles and copays, will vary by plan and coverage type. Only your insurer can confirm if and how Breast Recurrence Score test will be covered.

of Breast Recurrence Score test patients have a financial responsibility of <$100*

This calculation includes patients with Medicare, Medicare Advantage, Medicaid, Managed Medicaid, and commercial insurance. Patients with high-deductible plans may receive a bill for most or all the cost of the Breast Recurrence Score test if they have not satisfied their deductible.

*The numbers cited are based on historical patient billing data from 1/2/2023 to 12/29/2023. Rates of coverage vary by state and region. Exceptions for coverage may apply. Exact Sciences strongly encourages you to contact your insurer with questions about Oncotype DX Breast Recurrence Score test coverage.